Dxctor.com (pronounced Doctor) or Doctor with an x is an alternative experience. Dxctor.com is a different type of Doctor. What we mean is your your body is the best doctor. The natural herbs and plants of the earth are the best Doctor. Nature is the best Doctor. Our goal is to give you access to non-conventional health information, natural methods, and natural products that may heal you. Dxctor.com may confront your old status quo mindset when it comes to healing. We may link to and list various types of information and products that may seem “crazy” to you. However, this “crazy” health information or health product(s) are what many indigenous cultures around world have used to heal themselves from various ailments. Here’s the thing, the body can heal itself, if we get out of its way. Your body has this special x-factor when it comes to healing itself, again, we have to get out of its way. Get ready to go down the health healing rabbit hole. Saying all that, Dxctor.com is basically an all-in-one health search/aggregator/portal website that is dedicated to bringing you the best natural health products, natural health information, natural sexual healing information and more from around the internet. Yes, we also do link to and list sexual health information and sex products that may improve your sex life. We’re just getting started.