“Cancer can be cured: Vitamin B17

Cancer has been defeated few decades ago, the truth has simply been concealed. 

The cure only started to be publicly known when the internet was developed.

If there is cancer in one’s body, it is of utmost importance to intake big amount of B17. 

In today world where the chemotherapy industry is worth 70b USD, those who rely on cancer for a living far outnumbers those who die of cancer.

There are more and more people whose disease have been cured by raw sweet potato juice treatment.

There are more and more people who manage to cure their disease by drinking raw sweet potato juice, it is said that cancer cells can be effectively controlled.

This treatment was first provided by Japanese Zen monk 富澤知芳, and compiled by Khun 孫建永. 

Those who can’t bear to drink can add honey or half an apple.
Heavily ill patients have to be guided by the doctor when consuming this.

Every kind soul who comes cross this alternative treatment should publicize this to benefit the world.”

I have heard this years ago that cancer patients may can cure themselves of cancer by drinking sweet potato juice. I am not sure how true this is, however various foods coming from the earth in its natural organic form, can possibly heal anything given enough time.

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Image From: StyleCraze.com