“After my Mother’s cancer remission from a low carb and high fat diet prescription, I began to apply the Nutritional Ketosis principles on myself. With success I was able to enter and maintain Ketosis and enjoyed incredible health improvements.

After experiencing the incredible benefits of Ketosis myself, I applied these low carb and high fat principles on my closest friends. The success stories of better health continued in people around me. My next approach was my personal training clients. In a 2 year time period I was able to Keto coach 8 subjects with 100% improvement in their weight loss and health goals.

Today I have Keto coached thousands of clients with amazing results. Initially I set up a live consultation with each individual. Together we determine what their goals are in trying to Keto Adapt, and discuss all prior health issues, diets and attempts to Keto Adapt on their own. The MOST important concept I teach to clients is what a pivotal role stress plays in one’s ability to Keto Adapt.”

Meat can heal the body. A high fat diet done correctly can heal the body. Stephanie Person eats a meat-based high fat diet and she looks outstanding. Yes, she’ll be 53 years old soon. She looks 25 years old!

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